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Earning financial freedom was difficult.
                                  Keeping it may be even harder.

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      Earning financial freedom is difficult ...
                                        Keeping it may be even harder.

2333 Alexandria Dr.
Lexington, KY 40504

Our clients enjoy:
Protection of Principal Guaranteed!

A DECENT RATE OF RETURN without market risk!

SIMPLICITY - an retirement strategy you actually understand!

As Americans, we work hard every day to earn an income, to take care of our families, educate our children, and provide for a secure retirement. As retirement age approached, ask yourself these important questions.

                     Are my retirement dollars safe?
                 Do we have enough money to retire?
             How would an extended illness affect my
                        family's financial security?

At Cooper & Associates, we specialize in retirement asset protection and income strategies. We believe that every American should have the opportunity to live out their life with financial independence. We establish partnerships with our valued clients to build a solid retirement strategy that includes:

                            Accumulation : growth without market risk!
                      Protection: Guarding assets from unforseen events.
             Distribution: Making sure clients don't outlive their wealth.

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